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Few musical acts can lay claim to such dynamic and consistent evolution as Blu Mar Ten. Formed in the big-bang of 90's drum & bass and regular faces at Rage, Metalheadz, Speed & AWOL, Blu Mar Ten... Read more >


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    When It Rains / Thumbprint
    Stray & Frederic Robinson

    Having spent more than seventeen cross-genre years featuring on some of dance music's most prestigious imprints, Blu Mar Ten has opened the doors of their own label to a host of fresh young talent emerging from the leftfield of Drum & Bass and beyond.

    With a growing list of talent delivering a rollercoaster of emotions and armed with a desire to stand out rather than fit in, Blu Mar Ten Music (BMTM) is rapidly becoming a label to watch.

    The fourth release in this new chapter is bought to us by Stray & Frederic Robinson.
    Darlings of tastemakers across the spectrum, from Gilles Peterson to London Elektricity, Stray & Frederic Robinson specialise in complex, atmospheric tracks whose subtlety and musicality defies the brash conventions of contemporary dance music.

    Having already featured separately on leading labels Critical Records, Hospital Records, Med School, Brownswood, Exit, Invisible and many more we’re honoured to host the first collaboration between these two incredibly dynamic young producers.

    Stray: When it Rains - Almost a pulse rather than a track, When it Rains demands the listener’s attention not by shouting but by murmuring it’s message in the most restrained way possible. Muted soundscapes, rhodes and detached vocals are underpinned with the distant drone of city traffic, conjuring up images of a metropolis coming to life in the early morning. Only the hypnotic throb of a kick drum and sub-bass survive to remind the listener of When it Rain’s jungle origins. This deeply nuanced track explores the outer limits of abstract Drum & Bass in an exceptionally elegant and beautiful fashion.

    Stray & Frederic Robinson: Thumbprint - This first collaboration between the duo came into being in the summer of 2012 when Frederic Robinson left Austria to visit London for the first time. Four sleepless days and nights of studio confinement culminated in this neurotic chimera of tortured cellos and fractured breaks. Like mad scientists the pair have layered the scraping of stringed instruments over kaleidoscopic vocals while schizophrenic drums and percussion chatter like distressed, half-stepping barcodes. Thumbprint is an outstanding collision of talent and is unlikely to be the last alliance between these enfants terribles of modern electronic music.

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    Release date: 28/01/2013
    Format: 12" Vinyl
    Genre: D&B
    Catalogue number: BMT013

    When It Rains 
    When It Rains / Thumbprint 
    Stray & Frederic Robinson
    When It Rains / Thumbprint 

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