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Bass Music,Dubstep


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Strong Root
Quantum Soul vs Lamb

Quantum Soul and Innamind are proud to present their most ambitious project yet: Quantum Soul vs Lamb - Strong Root, backed with the QS original ‘Rolling Thunder’. After enlisting the mercurial talents of Gantz for their devastating third wax edition, Innamind have searched high and low for something special as a follow up, and found seasoned bass scientist Guy Chambers a.k.a Quantum Soul to provide the fire for IMRV004. Guy is a true musician, with the ability to not only craft soundsystem punishing low-frequencies, but to also imbue his beats with real depth, emotion and clarity. The QS discography dates way back to 2007, having released on seminal imprints such as Ranking Records, Dubting, Box Clever (with Cymatic) and Dubbed Out. Whilst the heavy dub-influence in his production has always been apparent, Guy remains one of the most versatile producers around, with his armoury also including his harder-edged subsonic firepower supported by the likes of Youngsta, and a kaleidoscopic range of exploratory, more experimental sounds.
The pioneering UK group Lamb (composed of producer Andy Barlow and vocalist Lou Rhodes) are one of the gems of underground British music.  Responsible for some of the most powerful and emotive tracks of a generation, they had a profound effect on Chambers during his formative musical years.  Guy found particular inspiration in the grace, impact and metaphysical poetry of Lou’s soul-chilling vocal performances and it is with her melody from ‘Strong The Root’ (from the group's 2011 studio album '5') that this release’s lead track has been created.  It is with the blessing from Lamb themselves that this release has been made possible.
Drawing together elements which complement the nuances of Lou's vocal, QS builds almost tangible levels of tension in his own inimitable style, detailing pattering hi-hats over stuttering kicks and misty ambience. As the track breaks, a wall of suffocating sub-pressure is released beneath Lou’s enchanting voice, providing raw impact and sheer bassweight to underpin the beauty of the harmonies, whilst at the same time referencing the lyrics directly. It’s one of the first times Chambers has worked with a voice so integral to a track, and it has resulted in what is undoubtedly one of his finest works to date. As a counter to the introspective, meditative vibe on ‘Strong Root’, QS lets loose a little with the brute force and energy of ‘Rolling Thunder’. The track is dominated by the off-beat pulse of ridiculously punchy kicks, and low-end frequencies rumble ominously beneath jagged flashes of mid-range snarl to form a leftfield club-stomper with plenty of bite. The final product is another engaging transmission from Innamind, as they deliver a pair of serious tracks from a producer at the top of his game.

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Release date: 15/04/2013
Format: 12" Vinyl
Genre: Dubstep
Catalogue number: IMRV004

Strong Root 
Quantum Soul vs Lamb
Strong Root 
Rolling Thunder 
Quantum Soul
Strong Root 

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