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Bass Music,D&B,Electronic




With his own distinctive and fresh sound, RQ broke onto the scene this year with two album releases in as many months with Terrain Records and Auxiliary. Based in New Zealand he has been involved with electronic music in some way since the early 90's, whether DJ'ing, promoting or with his design work for various labels and clubs.

After many years of sharing his music with a select few contacts, working under the premise that when his music was good enough it would spread itself, the plan came to fruition recently when such names as Geoff Presha, ASC, Consequence and Tokyo Prose started including RQ tracks in podcasts and DJ sets, setting in motion the events that lead to this years breakout albums.

His music can be difficult to pigeonhole as he sets the BPM anywhere between 70 and 180 and melds his wildly different influences from both inside and outside of music. With more obvious influences such as Brian Eno and Photek running throughout his work, RQ's early exposure to artists such as Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Einst'rzende Neubauten helped shape the core aesthetic of his approach to music. The ever noticeable dark blend of futuristic and organic elements of his music are a direct result of his love of the work of artists such as Roger Dean, Frank Frazetta as well as the more imposing work of Rothko and the heavy functional lines of Brutalist architecture.

Set in motion by lightning storms over Shinjuku or nights at FWD, his tracks range from sprawling drumless ambience to jazz tinged garage, RQ's myriad of inspirations cooperate in a way that produces a truly unique and identifiable sound.